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Hello everybody!
It’s sad to say that I’m not using this blog anymore. All archives and posts etc are going to be in this new website:

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World Holidays: World Lion Day August 10


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lion king

Lion, a.k.a King of the Jungle. Great symbolic and loveable animals. Cute yet dangerous. In August 10, we are celebrating World Lion Day. A special day for tons of lion lovers like me.

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How to: Make your perfume last all day.


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They say flowers without perfumes are beauties without virtue. Having a signature perfume makes everyone remember you. Oh the girl with That scent <3. It’s the most intense form of memory.  Continue reading

Summer Must-Haves: A pair of comfy Sandals


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cool sandals
Heeeey Peeps!

I’ve finally found the perfect-for-my-feet pair of sandals! Been looking for his ones my whole life! There’s always something, Continue reading

The Asian Struggle

Couldn’t agree more!

HarsH ReaLiTy

Asians struggle all the time against stereotypes and racism that many people find amusing. It is often funny, but it can sometimes just be annoying as shit. I have shared some of my examples on this topic before and I thought I would give a few more examples to all of you “non-Asians” so you can stop the madness! Don’t do these things…

  • Don’t ask me what is in soy sauce. It is dark and salty… that should just about explain everything you need to know about it. If you don’t like it don’t eat it!!!
  • We love it when other races come to our ethnic restaurants (you know the ones that are actually written in another language) and you begin to uncomfortably pick at the food. You might even sniff it, which by the way is rude as shit and makes you look like a monkey or a dog.

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Running Late? Beautiful, Easy and Fast Makeup Tutorial (Casual)


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Hello everyone!
This video is definitely for girls who don’t have much time in the morning to wear makeup. This one’s really simple and it only takes like 3 mins to do it. I decided to make a video of this makeup since every time I wear Continue reading