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Hey peeps!
It’s me Karen Wen!

So even though I found this out a long time ago, I’m sorry I haven’t told you guys about this.
Just buy like some pills of aspirin, smash them and add 3 dots of water per pill.
Apply it to your face and that’s it!
Don’t use more than 1 per time. 1 is surely enough for your entire face.
I recommend you applying this at night, before you go to sleep and then sleep with it. It will surely heal your red acne, or at least the color(Isn’t that what makes us don’t want to have acne?).
Repeat this for over 3 days and boom!
It worked for me!
Last week I had a huge pimple in my cheek, around my nose, and EVERYONE noticed it. It was so embarrassing, I barely get pimples that huge. The scar is still there, but it isn’t that noticeable.
Every scar removes over time ;)

Best wishes for y’all
-Karen Wen <3