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Hey peeps!
It’s me Karen Wen!


I’ve been taking much pictures lately. However, I don’t feel like uploading them to any other social network than Tumblr and here.
Last Sunday, I got a new Tripod for my babies because the last one was broken D:
And with this new one, I took tons of picts! I have a Nikon D90 and a Nikon D7100.
The pictures I took here were taken with the Nikon D90. The colours are brighter and I kind of like this camera than the D7100, even though it’s older.
The D7100’s pictures are darker. However, there so many features the Nikon D90 doesn’t have. I self portrait a lot, and that’s why the chronometer matters a lot to me. The Nikon D7100’s chronometer is way easier to use and you may takes tons of pictures at once! You don’t have to go click and shoot every time you want a picture if you are far away from your camera. That happens all the times with my Nikon D90.
I am planning to buy a Canon EOS 6D. But not sure when. Once I get it, I will probably write a review about it too. However, using my friend’s Canons, the colors are even nicer than the Nikons. But because I own the whole set of lenses and tripods for Nikons, I don’t want to spend more on another set for Canon. The photo Studio have about 4 Nikon cameras. And they aren’t that bad. It always depends on where you are going to shoot the pictures.

So last Sunday I was feeling inspired and just wanted to go take some pictures! Even though my roof isn’t a dream roof, I think the flaws (old and ruined) of it makes it perfect for sad pictures (depressive ones? Maybe?). However the other side of the roof, where the sun sets, is perfect for me. It feels great being in a picture where the sun is behind you. At least for me.







I’m here wearing a Bershka’s top and Zara’s Jeans.
I really love how my earring go with this bonny top.

Best Wishes for y’all!