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Hey Peeeps!
It’s me Karen Wen!


Here I’m showing you guys some ways I came up with from my personal experiences to treat acne/pimples. Lately, I’ve had so many pimples. It’s something that I find gross in me, even though that’s not what I think when I see someone with that. Pimples are completely normal. But because I barely have and even if I have, they’re small, I find them weird in me.
For this, you don’t necessarily have to know the cause of your acne. This tips work very well on every type. The usually last 10-15 mins. The longer the better and faster.

#1: Toothpaste: Believe it or not, it actually works! Preferably, choose the toothpastes that don’t have flavour. Apply some paste at the acne area and let it dry. After 10-15 mins, rinse off. When you rinse off, you’ll feel a relieve(a much better feeling than when you wash your face with a cleanser).
Do this every day and night until it disappears! Usually takes like two days, depending on the pimple (size, how bad it is).

#2: Potatoes: Potatoes are great sources of minerals and vitamins. Slice the potatoes in a way were you can put them over your face and let them do their work for about 10-15 mins!

– Another way, is take a blender and make potato juice. Do not include any other ingredient to the juice, if you do so, it won’t work so well. Wash your face with that juice! Do this repetitively day and night.
-Or instead, just apply the juice to your face, and when it dries, rinse off!


#3: Get rid of Much Makeup: Sometimes, believe it or not, your bare face is even prettier. If you applied foundation, don’t apply concealer again. One cover is enough. Makeup can worsen your acnes. They’ll grow bigger and redder.
-For an everyday natural or simple makeup, with little cosmetics, you may visit my simple makeup tutorial here:

Makeup Tutorial

If you want, you may skip the primer. This makeup won’t have any effect in your face, since you don’t actually use much cosmetic at your cheeks area, where most acne grow.
-Or at least, get an idea of how much makeup you can apply.

-Some cosmetics are pores clogging. Avoid those cosmetics!


#4: Drink tons of water: You may be asking, why water? Water helps you excrete all the bad acids and unnecessary oil from your body. Many times, acne is caused by food. You should drink at least eight glasses of water everyday.
For an easier track of how much water your drink, take a Dasani water bottle and fill it 4-5 times a day.
– Or just take whichever bottle with an amount of ounces defined and fill it until you get to 64 ounces.

Eight glasses= 64 ounces=1.6 L

Image #5: Relax yourself: Stress can’t make acnes grow or make them reproduce! Go and take a massage!


#6: Rice: Rices are full of minerals and vitamins. Take rise and pour a little water. Rub them in your face repetitively every day and night. After 10-15 mins rinse off and you’ll have a fresh face!
In fact, it cleans better than a cleanser!


#7 Grapes: Smash some grapes in a bowl and apply them in your face! They’re rich in vitamins that help smooth your skin (meaning, your face).


For better results, use all these tips at the same time!

Lately, I’ve using this tips and they’ve actually gotten better. But unfortunately, I still have some :c. Kare: ‘Got to be patient and keep using these advices. Yay!’

So yeah, that’s it!
Best Wishes for y’all,
Much love,
Karen Wen


If you seem to be allergic to any of the products you're going to use, please don't use them. If you 
get sick after applying these things, please visit your nearest doctor.