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Thinking about suicidal is of Human Nature

Being mad of not having what you want is of human nature. Thinking of suicidal when things aren’t going in your way is of human nature.

I’m 100% sure that everyone have experienced the time where they think about suicidal for one reason or another. Most of the times, at teenage years. Where we are all rebels and just hate or don’t understand why our parents are doing the things they are doing. Maybe we know it’s all for good, but can’t bear the insults and offences they throw to us making us feel inferior and sometimes, even nothing. 

When you are mad and someone’s encouraging you to die, just think to yourself “Who are them to be telling you that?” “How are they better than me?” “It’s my life, I’m the queen of it.” And keep looking forward. Put your chin up, otherwise the crown will fall. 

Best Wishes for y’all

Karen Wen