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jessica simpson dress

Rock out a Sparkly Dress.

They once told me that we wear what we wear to impress GIRLS. Not BOYS. Part of me agree with that. However, who won’t look a sparkly dress? Sparkles: Attention Grabbers. I love sparkly dresses. The one I’m wearing here isn’t as sparkly as a gold color one. That’s why I love it too. Not way to exaggerating. I was just about to purchase a gold color one, until I saw this one. It’s from Jessica Simpson, one of my favs designers. I got tons of compliments that night and I loved how my shoulder showed off. One word: Awesome.

One thing I really didn’t like about is that I guess the dress is a little big for me. The side where my shoulders showed off kept falling, and I always had to take care of it so my boobs weren’t seen.

Make your makeup dark and sexy!

If you are wearing something dark, paint your nails with a vibrant color! If you are wearing something black, and you are showing off your shoulders, belles etc. go for a open-toes heels!  What I always say, Find Patterns!

sparkly dress


eautyful dress





Jessica Simpson Dress

Aldo Shoulder Bag

Mary Paz Heels

Oh! Comment below what you think about this dress! <3

Best Wishes for y’all

See ya’!