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makeup look



Hope you liked my latest video! Don’t forget to read it’s description! Here’s the makeup I used for the video! Keep Reading.


photo 1

This is the Final Look. It’s really purplish and perfect for summer, or spring. The colours are really pop-ings.

photo 2

MAC limited edition

So first, I’m using this M.A.C summer limited edition palette. I’m not sure if they are still selling it or not. I’m taking the first white color you see at the corner and apply it to my inner conner. Apply a lot until it’s really noticeable. You don’y need this palette specifically, just try to use a similar color.

Then use the third color from the first column. Magenta. And Apply it to the middle. This colours are really light. That’s why the more the better.

Later, apply the dark blue color, in your waterline as if it was your eyeliner! Your eyes will pop!

Carlos di Roma

After applying all that, apply the darkest purple color at the end of the corner. And then just apply your eyeliner!

MAC concealer IMG_1894 powder

Afterwards, curl your lashes and apply your mascara. You are done!

Just don’t forget that before all that or afterwards if you want, apply concealer and powder. Or if you want, before the whole makeup your primer, foundation, concealer routine. I’m used to apply concealer only in my dark eye bags and the powder as the final touch!


Finally just apply this brownish color to your brows and shape them up! The thicker it is, the cuter and younger you’ll look. The thinner it is, the maturer you are.

smileHope you enjoyed!

Best Wishes