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Sitting to watch the tv, to read, even for class is part of our life. We aim to be comfortable and with the obesity now a day, people prefer sit than walk. We rather take the car rather than walking. There’s a way of sitting down wherever we go. We rather sit in the floor than stand up!

I’m going to share with you some facts about how sitting can actually lower your life expectancy.

1. Every single hour sitted can lower your life expectancy by 28.3 mins, while smoking can only lower it by 11 mins. Worst than smoking? Yeahp!

2. Someone who is really active throughout the day but watches 6 hours of tv, has the same life span as someone who does not do any exercise at all and don’t watches tv.

It’s enough said there.
Now, what can you do to combat this?
•If you love watching tv, watch less than 2 hrs. Eventhough it’s still harmful, at least you are a at lower risk to get heart diseases or diabetes. Watching tv for a long time, makes your sugar level stay there making it more than enough for your body. You should have a balance of calories. Like this.
The same amount of calories IN= The same amount of calories OUT.
Like that, you’ll have a very healthy diet. Watching more than 3 hrs, you are at a high risk of catching those types of diseases.

• If you work at a place were you stay
the whole day at your chair in front of a computer, move your trashcan further in a distance where you’ll have to stand up to throw the trash.
Bring a smaller cup, so that every time you need water, you stand up and go for it.
In other words, stand up for everything.

• For last, sit less and aim to be active.

Hope you guys liked this post
Best wishes for y’all
Karen Wen