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dominican republic

Hello everyone, remember I was in a Resort? Well, This is Day Two! It was a full day. We ate, swam and did bunches of things!

I found out how huge the resort was. If you are visiting Dominican Republic never forget to visit the resorts! They are world’s top resorts.  Moving to OOTD, I felt really casual (don’t we chill wearing casual clothes?) and wore this Stradivarius top and Bershka shorts. This shorts are really unique even though  they are reaaaaaally short. But still they paired up perfectly fine. I’m someone who loves shiny things. The top did the job for me. Is of human nature liking to see things shining. AKA Attention catchers. AND of course my always-everyday Crocs. Like that, I didn’t have to overweight my bag with shoes.




Oh and guess what? Made a new friend! Making many birds-friends lately woooho! #peacock

punta cana

OH! My sunglasses are from Stradivarius too! I know… It looks like everything that I wear is from Stradivarius. However, my next post of my dress won’t be from Sradivarius hahahah


beautiful nature


Your turn! Tell me from where are your everyday shoes!

Best Wishes

Karen Wen