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They say flowers without perfumes are beauties without virtue. Having a signature perfume makes everyone remember you. Oh the girl with That scent <3. It’s the most intense form of memory. 

I’m personally a perfume lover. I have around five bottles, but still only use one. A Kenzo of course (Flower by Kenzo). Who doesn’t love them? They have this classy yet intense scent. I just have the others just to change scent sometimes. Ironically, I don’t wear the scent every day. But when I do, I surely know how to make it last. Here are my few tips,

1. If you got dry skin, apply lotion!

Lotion makes your perfume more adherable.

chloe perfume


Let your perfume dry naturally. Rubbing can make the scent breakdown.


3. Don’t apply perfume right after shower.

Your skin needs time to recover the natural oil lost in order to make the perfume stick. Try a bit of oil before wearing your perfume.

4. Choose strong base scents.

Such as vanilla, pine, musk. They tend to last longer.

5. There are different types of perfumes.

Oil: tend to last around 1-2 hrs.

Toilette: 2-3 hrs

Solid perfume (I personally don’t like them): 1-2 hrs.

Real Perfume: 6-8 hrs.  Since they have a strong concentration of scent.

6. Apply perfume to pulse points.

I’m not sure if everyone knows this or not. But just in case, I’m writing this down. You want your perfumes to be placed on them! I typically dab some behind my ears, my throat and wrist. Apply some at the back of your neck too if you want ;)

7. Apply some to your hair.

Spray some on your hairbrush and then brush your hair off! You’ll smell your delicious scent anywhere you go.



Too much fragrance is not attractive AT ALL. This may even cause headache to some! Just stick to one scent.


 FACT: This seems odd, but the season and perfume do have a relationship.

Heat make some chemical reactions release more scent.

In a warm weather, try something light and less concentrated, an eau du toilette maybe? Unfortunately,  you gotta reapply them every certain time as I said before.

In cold weather, try something more intense. A real perfume maybe. It’ll sure last.

Well peeps! Hope you find this tips helpful!

OH! Tell me in the comments below what tips did I miss? Tell me your tricks! <3

Best Wishes for y’all

-Karen Wen