Life in a Resort + OOTD Day 2!


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dominican republic

Hello everyone, remember I was in a Resort? Well, This is Day Two! It was a full day. We ate, swam and did bunches of things!

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Life in a Resort + OOTD Day 1!


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beautiful tees

Time flies. Three days in a resort is never enough. Once you return, the only thought that keeps bouncing in your head is “Back to Reality”. Continue reading

Sitting can lower your life expectancy


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Sitting to watch the tv, to read, even for class is part of our life. We aim to be comfortable and with the obesity now a day, people prefer sit than walk. We rather take the car rather than walking. There’s a way of sitting down wherever we go. We rather sit in the floor than stand up!

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Outfit of the Day! (OOTD) (Spring Break)+ Waterpark


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waterpark juan dolio


Water-parks have always thrilled me. I love water and love everything involving it. They say that people can be in land under any circumstances but can’t in water. You can never be 100% safe in an ocean while you may at a mountain.
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Thinking about …


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Thinking about suicidal is of Human Nature

Being mad of not having what you want is of human nature. Thinking of suicidal when things aren’t going in your way is of human nature.

I’m 100% sure that everyone have experienced the time where they think about suicidal for one reason or another. Most of the times, at teenage years. Where we are all rebels and just hate or don’t understand why our parents are doing the things they are doing. Maybe we know it’s all for good, but can’t bear the insults and offences they throw to us making us feel inferior and sometimes, even nothing. 

When you are mad and someone’s encouraging you to die, just think to yourself “Who are them to be telling you that?” “How are they better than me?” “It’s my life, I’m the queen of it.” And keep looking forward. Put your chin up, otherwise the crown will fall. 

Best Wishes for y’all

Karen Wen


Beautiful OOTD! (Outfit of the Day)


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Here I’m wearing a very Zara-ish outfit. It’s one of my favourite shops because it has kind of like a classic and vintage style. Plus, it’s one of the few shops that my country have.
I’m a big fan of polka dots, and the color that dominates my closet is black. And it’s actually the color that suits me the most.

beautiful OOTDZara pants
The top I am wearing here, is very classic and very easy to pair. Just grab a white, nude or black jeans/pants and that’s it! If you are short like me and have short legs, I recommend you to wear it with heels. You might think it’s way too formal, but at the same time it looks casual.
It suit almost every occasion!
The zippers of my pants gave them a touch of glamour. They look very classy. Plus, they are high waist which makes them even better! You may either tuck your shirt in or just leave it like that!

high heels

zara outfits

polka dots

Top from Zara
Pants from Zara
Heels from MaryPaz